Usher and Chilli have been apart for years, neither have denied they would never try again. Does true love last forever? Could this be a sign that the ex-couple could maybe have future potential to reunite? Chilli sends out a tweet about Usher earlier this week.

Check out inside for tweet details…

Just after the custody battle between Usher and Tameka revealed that he has full custody of their two sons, Chilli got hit with a question from a fan. She revealed that she will, “4ever n ever” love Usher.

The ex-couple Usher and Chilli dated years ago, but ended after Usher stating she wasn’t ready for marriage and he was. We all know about the infamous Confessions album. After breaking up with Chilli he married and had two sons with his now ex-wife, Tameka Foster-Raymond. Tameka has lost full custody of her two sons to Usher as the judge decided last week. She is looking into appealing.

Check out below as Chilli talks about her relationship with Usher.

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