Danity Kane

The rumor mill is turning again for Danity Kane! One of the dancers for the group, Lando Coffy, tweeted a very cryptic message!

Check out the details below!

Rumors are sparking EVERYWHERE about a Danity Kane’s future after one of their dancers, Lando Coffy, tweeted about a possible reunion!

Danity Kane Reunion

The infamous fight that occurred between DK members Dawn Richard and Aubrey O’Day was reported to be quite serious. According to O’Day, there was “no coming back from an incident like that.” It really would be something if they reunited AGAIN especially since they do have a forthcoming album scheduled for release on October 28th. Danity Kane have already released three songs from their upcoming and alleged last “DK3” album: “Rhythm of Love,” “Lemonade,” and their latest, “Tell Me.”

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see whether this reunion re-up will shock everyone and actually happen! What are your thoughts about a possible reunion? Comment below!

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