Real Housewife, and subject of hot topics these days, Phaedra Parks defamation suit against Angela Stanton is getting interesting. But, is it helping or hurting the cause?

We should all be in the loop surrounding Angela and Phaedra right? Well if you’re not up to speed, Parks is suing Stanton for defamation regarding her shocking tell-all-book that was released last year.

The book was an utter failure initially. However with all this free press it been getting all year, especially after Apollo got arrested over things that were allegedly spilled in the book its clear to see that perhaps it had been best if Phaedra had just left it all alone.

According to Tamara tattles, who was smart enough, or bored enough depending on who you ask to get Stanton’s baby daddy Cody’s deposition. And it in are some interesting claims.

Per Tamara Tattles:

Tamara Tattles got her hands on Cody’s deposition, read and excerpt below:

Q. So you and Ms. Stanton met in roughly 2001. After you and she had a child together, did y’all continue to have a romantic or friendly relationship after that?

A. It’s crazy because I actually thought that Angela and Phaedra had an — I thought they was together.

Q. Like as a girlfriend?

A. Girlfriend. Yeah. And that was one of the reasons why me and Angela broke up. Because they was like real close, like closer than close.

Q. What made you — can you think of what made you come to the conclusion –

A. Phaedra’s birthday is in March or some time early in the year and I remember one time Angela and Phaedra, they spent the night out during Phaedra’s birthday and Angela spent the night at her house and they went on all these parties and wild parties and she didn’t come home for like a couple of days. I’m like, what y’all got going on. And so we got into an argument about that and about then it turned into an altercation and that was like one of our first breakups.

Q. Do you know if that was after the birth of your child?

A. No, it was Phaedra’s birthday and I don’t know her birthday, but if I recall — if I met Angela in January, Phaedra’s birthday is like March or April.

Q. So it was a couple months after you met?

A. Yeah. When we first initially met.

Q. And so you thought y’all were going steady or whatever?

A. Uh-huh.

Q. And then you –

A. Her and Phaedra was so close that, you know, I actually thought they was together like. Yeah.

Q. Is all the stuff Phaedra was involved in is it just stuff Angela told you she was involved in or did you –

A. No, I know. The only reason Phaedra married Apollo is because they was all in on the these title frauds, they was all in it.

Q. Oh, title fraud.

A. That’s what they ended up doing. That’s what Apollo ended up getting locked up for. Phaedra married Apollo so he wouldn’t testify against her.

Read the full deposition at Tamara Tattles

Going off energy alone something has never seemed right to me PERSONALLY about Parks and Nida’s union. And then to hear that Apollo allegedly married Phaedra to protect her. And..well…..

*Sips tea*

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