Court Rules That The FCC Wrongly Fined Janet Jackson For Nipple Slip During Superbowl

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You’d have to be living underneath a rock to not remember that incident that took place at the NFL Superbowl about 8 years ago. Janet Jackson’s historical nip slip happened while she was performing alongside Justin Timberlake in the Superbowl. Jackson was fined $550,000 and suffered a tremendous blow to her career. However, a court ruling has come out stating that that FCC wrongly fined Janet Jackson and CBS for the nip slip. Read more inside about this case.

How has this decision been made? The court has come to find that the FCC failed to properly inform CBS about the changes in indecency enforcement prior to the performance and had “arbitrarily” decided to change its rules when dealing with Jackson and the network. I’m not going to turn this into a race thing but anyways…

CBS is happy about this ruling and has stated, “We are gratified that once again the court has ruled in our favor. We are hopeful that this will help lead the FCC to return to the policy of restrained indecency enforcement it followed for decades”. I’m sure Janet is happy as well. However, this is still something that will always follow her career no matter what the court has ruled.

Are you happy about Janet’s vindication?

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9 Comments to “Court Rules That The FCC Wrongly Fined Janet Jackson For Nipple Slip During Superbowl”

  1. Demetria says:

    I know she gonna sue them because they did her wrong that and made a big deal

  2. Ringoworm says:

    hope she sue the shit…out of them…
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  3. notoriousk says:

    hopefully, now they will leave janet alone forever. it was 8 yrs ago, its time to move on. also, look at how many other celebs have have “malfunctions” since then and nothing was said. they didn’t even get a slap on the wrist. janet needs to sue them for defamation of character!!!

  4. Dannichickflygirl says:

    If this had been Britney Spears, Christina, or Madonna, this wouldn’t have even gone this far. *rolls eyes* Yes, I am bringing race into this.

  5. BABYMOMMA1 says:

    @ Dannichickflygirl ur right they only keep fucking with Janet cause of her race its wrong they need to let that bullshit go for real.

  6. Shante says:

    Yay for Ms. Janet!

  7. Bliss says:

    I’m soooo happy for Janet, it took 8years but she finally got justice. And I didn’t appreciate how Justin Timberlake separated himself from Janet and played innocent. He was part of the incident!

  8. Nique says:

    That’s good.. took long enough.

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