Atlanta Pastor Creflo Dollar is making headlines after defending his “brother in the lord” Bishop Eddie Long. As previously reportedLong settled out of court for an undisclosed amount with four young men who accused him of sexual coercion. Now Dollar, the Pastor of World Changers Church International, was taped during a recent sermon defending The Bishop who he says merely had a “wreck”, referring to the coercion lawsuits.

This past Sunday Creflo spoke to his congregation:

“He had a wreck but here’s the good news…he had insurance! [Jesus]
You clap your hands now but let me have a wreck. I wanna see how many of yall NEGROS still gon’ be here…How many of yall precious saints of God…”

He also shed light on all the members that left New Birth to attend his church and told them to return to their church home:

“Now, there are certain things that I’ve grown from and should never do but if I have a wreck? I’m still gon’ go to heaven. Now YOU might mess some stuff up based on how you treat me. The preacher in the city here, he still gon’ go to Heaven. He’s cleansed; he’s alright. And if you from that church that you know I’m talking about and you trying to join here, I don’t want you to join here. You need to go and join where you ‘spose to be.”

Check out the video Of Creflo defending his brother in “Christ”:

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