Dawn Richard

Our girl Dawn Richard is BACK and looking sexier than ever! The ex-Danity Kane member just released a new music video called “Blow,” and will be dropping her mixtape “Blackheart” in January!

Check out the details below!

Been wondering whatever happened to Dawn Richard from the girl group Danity Kane? Wonder no more. She’s back with a video, a new sound, and a new look. The singer made headlines back in May when she posted a pic of herself and now she’s in the news for a different reason! The former Danity Kane member just released a new super sexy music video called “Blow!”

“It’s a completely different sound,” Richard told Billboard. “Lyrically and storytelling-wise, it is in the same fashion of Goldenheart. … But I wanted each album to stand on its own, and have a cohesive story. After a nasty breakup with her group that ended in a fist fight with Aubrey O’Day, Dawn is ready to step out on her own. Her new mixtape “Blackheart” is set to be released in January of 2015.

Check out Dawn Richard’s new music video “Blow:”

I am diggin’ the new song and super excited for this new mixtape! What are your thoughts about “Blow?” Comment blow!

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