Demetria McKinney from “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne”(Janine) Opens for Anthony David at Center Stage

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Demetria McKinney from Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. You may know her as Janine. Damnnnnnn this Woman is So Fine!!! She don’t look like nobody’s crackhead to me!!!!

Yes She tore down the house when she opened for Anthony David at Center Stage. Check out the Video as she blows the song “Sweet Thang” .

The Mary J Blige/Chaka Khan song.

I’m not quite sure which version she was singing but it sounded great! Tell me what yall think…...

12 Comments to “Demetria McKinney from “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne”(Janine) Opens for Anthony David at Center Stage”

  1. Rojoa says:

    i didn’t know she could sing..thats whats up!
    …I just got 2 Laptops Free for Dell AFTER BlackFriday Leftover sale..haha

  2. Iesha Marie says:

    Ayeeeee! Thats My Idol Yall!!!! She Killed That Performance! Lol! SHE IS BLOWING UP! She Is Definitely A STAR ON HE RISE! Keep Your Eyes Open Because She Is Soon To be On your TV! :) -Iesha M.

  3. Chel says:

    LOOOOOOOVE IT!!!! Absolutely AMAZNG!!!! Dee Dee betta SANG!!! She owned that stage!!! #SoProud!!! :-)

  4. I love this version of Sweet Thing! Dee Dee can singgggggggg!!! Demetrians for life!!!!

  5. myiaham says:

    She did wonderful Job I Just Love Her:)



  7. Yesssssss!!! Dee Dee looked gorg and sounded AMAZING!! I already love the song but she straight tore that song up(In a good way)!! I loved everything about the performance. Can’t wait for the album and ready for more from her. :) #DEMETRIANS

  8. Faith B. says:

    #fire #thehotness #shekilledthat #iwantthemshoes #shesmyidol #notyours #getyourowndeedee ! LOL ! jk jk . . . but i think this is her best performance yet . . . good job dee dee ! =) #prouddemetrian

  9. RIKA says:

    HOTNESS.. Deedee killed this song!! vocals were on point as always.. plus she looked AMAZING..She just owned the stage!!! Demetria “DeeDee” Mckinney is a beast yall better watch out now lol !!! coming soon to a radio station near you!!! MY IDOL/ ROLE MODEL lol #Demetrian

  10. Sydney Simone says:

    awwww my Idol killed that song and her outfit was jus BAD hands down! Her voice is beautiful and has.wonderful talent and skills thats why I love her and she is my IDOL AND ROLE MODEL!!! <3

  11. Chel says:

    I just want to add that Dee Dee looked G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.!!!!!! The hair…the clothes…the shoes…just sizzlin HOT!!!! I see you Dee Dee!!! #WorkIt!

  12. christopher says:

    shazaaaaam she is so awesome -ok i gots to meet her! lol -not

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