Chicago Bull Derrick Rose  has reportedly signed a deal with Adidas for $250 million. If the contract is signed, he will be the highest paid shoe endorser in the NBA today.

According to the contract, Rose will be endorsing Adidas attire for the next 10 years. He has already crossed his rival LeBrone James in sales and closing in on Kobe Bryant soon.

While the fact that he might be getting paid  250 mil is crazy news, — Rose’s camp is set to negotiate a ‘lifetime’ deal with the brand, the dollar amounts are just being rumored at the moment.


However, the reality is that Rose will command top dollar as an impending sneaker free agent and adidas will almost certainly pay what it takes to ensure that they don’t lose their footing in the basketball footwear landscape.



They sources say with Rose, they have a legitimate marketable superstar in a major basketball city with a footwear and apparel line that grows in popularity each year.


P.S. who the hell is he? I have heard his name, but still don’t know anything about him, not trying to hate but can’t understand why they would pay him that much can you? Paying him that much money means the shoes will be in  high pricing, are they not learning look at what is happening with Nike and Jordans?

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