The homies Soulja Boy and Diamond have been keeping quit when it came to the TV show “Love & Hip Hop ATL” but recently decided to give a interview. I have to say I am so happy for Diamond she has been grinding for years and although people are at times paying attention for the wrong reasons, — they still in the end – giving her a voice. According to MTV,

“I wish everybody the best. I feel like only one person can judge me, and that’s God,” Diamond told MTV News on Sunday on the BET Awards red carpet, hand-in-hand with her current boyfriend, Soulja Boy. “That’s my past. I’m in the future right now, and I wish everybody the best.”…… Soulja Boy says, “This is my baby, this is my girl, so anything said about her is basically they’re saying it about me,” he said, holding Diamond’s hand. “I’m backin’ her 100 percent, and we’re just focusing on the positive. Anybody talkin’ about her name on TV, that’s just bringin’ us up more. So salute to them, we wish them the best.”

Diamond who is extra busy preparing to release her new mixtape “Street Life,” in addition to her solo album, which is slated to land in stores next year.

The 24-year-old rapper, who rose to fame as a member of Crime Mob, is best known for being on Crime Mob’s hit singles like “Knuck If You Buck,” “Stilettos (Pumps)” and ”Rock Yo Hips” (featuring Lil Scrappy).
She said she has since adapted to the being a solo artist since splitting with the group in 2007.


“It’s just different to look to my left and my right and see that their [Crime Mob] is not there anymore,” Diamond told AllHipHop. “As far as being creative, subject matter, I talk about what I want to talk about now. [And] my money isn’t divided five ways now, all the money comes to me. For the most part I’ve adapted to going to solo.”

Although she’s solo artist, Diamond said she was open to the possibility of a reunion with her estranged group members, including Princess, with whom she has publicly feuded with in the past.

“Somewhere down the line, there could be [a reunion]. Right now, I’ve worked so hard to prove that I’m not just ‘Diamond from Crime Mob’ to where I’m just Diamond. I just feel like its only right for me to deliver with the album,” said Diamond, who is up for Best Female Rapper at the 2012 BET Awards.
Aside from her “Street Life” mixtape, Diamond, who has been in the news due to ex-boyfriend Lil Scrappy and his involvement in the show “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,”

is working with artists like Eve, Missy Elliott and others for her solo release.
“Street Life” is due in stores July 4th.

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