Miss Universe winner Miss Angola, Leila Lopes, is being accused of falsifying documents to enter and win a qualifying contest in England. A Argentinian newspaper has reported that Leila Lopes was unfairly allowed to participate in the competition for Angolan citizens living in the U.K.

Sources say that a man by the name of Charles Mukano helped her falsify documents that made Lopes out to be a student of business management at a British school. It was these documents that helped her enter and win the competition in England. Other reports have even stated that Mukano may have bribed judges in England to help Lopes win the competition there.

Leila Lopes is the first Miss Universe from her country. As of now there has been no comment on the situation from Miss Universe herself. However, the Miss Universe pageant will bring clarity to the situation later on today.

Do you think these allegations against Miss Universe, Leila Lopes, are true? If they are true, what is your opinion?

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