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Authorities are working tirelessly to investigate the very, very unfortunate event that happened on Sunday. The police now have the shooter’s wife in custody, Noor Zahi Salman. This woman is actually crazy because she was definitely helping this killer of a husband plan the entire thing and never went to the authorities. The only thing that she keeps saying is she tried to talk him out of it.

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My thing is how do you claim to have tried to stop him when you voluntarily drove him around potential places for him to scope out with intentions of committing a heinous act against society? Yes, I said place(s) because there is new word that this man was also scoping out Disney World before he decided where he was going to do this at the nightclub Pulse.

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There were so many signs that this man was unstable and dangerous that it is unbelievable how he was able to carry this act out. He was previously on the terrorist list but was then removed after his alleged case was dropped. This is why he was apparently able to buy guns and explosives because he had no criminal record after that case was gone. A former coworker of his also claimed he was unstable and talked about killing people.

All this and still he was never admitted to a hospital, psych ward, or jail. This was a hate crime and I just don’t know what to say anymore besides the fact that WE NEED GUN REFORM!

Congress won’t care until someone comes in their houses and shoots up everyone that matter to them, right?

Well news flash, you can’t cure hate with hate only love and you can’t sole violence with violence only peace.

It should never even have to go that far. Take the signs and the tragedies that are occurring everyday as a wake up call because no one is safe at this point.

This is why we should care.

#PrayForOrlando #PrayForTheWorld #GunReform

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