Sean P. Diddy Combs has been requested as an honorary degree recipient and commencement speaker! The big homie Sean Combs is a former dropout of Howard University back in 1990. Mr. Combs left the fine institution of Howard to take on an internship at Uptown records and pursue his dreams.  According to Forbes Top Five Hip Hop’s wealthiest artist of 2014, Sean Combs is in the lead with an estimated fortune of $700 million!!! However, even with all of his many musical accomplishments and successful business ventures, not everyone is in support of the decision to let him speak at the Howard University 2014 commencement. Diddy has received tons of backlash from students, faculty, parents, and many other opposers. People are pin pointing the fact that he dropped out of the institution he’s intending on speaking at, but its more so about his personal past!

Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou, both former HU commencement speakers, never got any negative responses about their participation in the graduation; and they never graduated college!! Would the naysayers of Diddy’s participation, be opposed to Bill Gates or the late Steve Jobs ? Lets just face it, the hip hop community isn’t seen in a positive light and despite Diddy’s accomplishments, it tends to get overshadowed. Mr. Combs states on instagram,  “There are no words to describe the feeling I had when I heard the news that @HowardU was presenting me with an Honorary Doctorate degree and inviting me to give the keynote commencement address on May 10th. @howardU I’m coming home! Thank you to @WFrederickMD, the Howard University Board of Trustees and all of the students of Howard University #TurnUp #Bison4Life” Goes without saying P.Diddy’s supporters are very proud! Congratulations Diddy!!

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