Diddy and Misa teach their son Justin how to be the ultimate baller for his 16 birthday… The two threw an extravagant party for their son, Justin,  at club M2 night club in new york over the weekend. Diddy made sure his son was the ultimate player for the night letting him be boo up with Nicki Minaj . At the party  Diddy announced that he was giving Justin $10,000 to start his own bank account. Justin then decided to give his $10,000 away as a donation towards  Haiti  relief. I was told that MTV is pissed after the media leaked the video of  Justin’s Party. The party which was taped for the MTV show “Sweet Sixteen”, not to be seen by anyone until it aired on TV. Only pictures were to be released but some how video was let out and now its all over the blogs… Well their goes that surprise show… LOL

Here are all the pic’s…. Big Shot out  to the homie Necolebitchie for the pic’s yall go check out the Video on her site be fore they make her take it down…

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