hoopz and shaq

Do you all think Hoopz is just letting the world know that she has upgraded from Flava Flav to “Gucci Row” at the basketball games? I don’t even know if that is a good look for Shaq. Do you think so?

Hey guys. It’s Hoopz here. I’ll be guest tweeting for Shaq tonight. – @TheRealHoopz

2 overtime games n a row!!! As a fan, can I get a woot woot?!! – @TheRealHoopz

2 reality D listers. Tweetin live. Straight from the @Celtics game. (me & @SurvivorShannon) – @TheRealHoopz


Check it!!! Bailed on the dog. Pretzel looked better. – @TheRealHoopz http://yfrog.com/3mydtkj

Headed out 2 grab a hotdog. 1/2 time. – @TheRealHoopz

Cant wait to c the big shamrock playing again! – @TheRealHoopz

Big baby is an offensive foul drawing machine!! – @TheRealHoopz

Congrats Paul pierce on scoring ur 20K point! Ur still a long way from the big shamrock!! Haha sorry I’m biased!! 🙂 – @TheRealHoopz

Y don’t they play some country music during the timeouts!? Black people like country music too. Well the ones fr. tennessee! – @TheRealHoopz

. y hasn’t rhondo been wearin his headband!?! And what’s up with Noah’s freethrows!?! Lol My shot is prettier than tht! – @TheRealHoopz

My sidekick. – @TheRealHoopz @RT @survivorshannon: I’m no flava flav but I was on survivor Nicaragua for 2 shows!! http://yfrog.com/izgrmfj


What do you all think?
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