Dr. Conrad Murray Sentenced To 4 Years Imprisonment

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Just seconds ago, Dr. Conrad Murray was sentenced to 4 years in prison for involuntary manslaughter out in Los Angeles. The judge who sentenced him had a bit to say as well. He said that he felt Dr. Murray deserved the sentence that he received because he abandoned his patient who trusted him, administered potentially dangerous drugs, his actions occurred over a period of time, he repeatedly lied to cover up his transgressions, and he violated the trust of his patient and medical community.WOW! The judge didn’t stop there either. He said that he felt as if Murray had “absolutely no sense of remorse”. Seems like the doctor really went in on Dr. Murray.

On the other hand, things may be in Murray favor as far as the jail sentencing goes. Sources say that he may only end up spending 2 years in a county jail because of the overcrowding of jails. Another outcome may include him serving 2 years in home confinement. Either way, he’s still not getting the worse treatment that other people see for smaller crimes if you ask me. As of now, there is no official statement from the Jackson family on their thoughts on the sentencing. One thing is for sure, MJ’s kids will be happy when this is all over. The entire situation has to be overwhelming.

What are your thoughts on the outcome of this?

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2 Comments to “Dr. Conrad Murray Sentenced To 4 Years Imprisonment”


    I do believe that he should at least get one year in jail mandotory and one year home confinement he need his freedom taking away MJ no longer have his life nor his children so Dr. Murray must pay he carlessly administrated lethal illegal drugs to his patients….the comment from fredddie that he getting the worse treament bull crap he need life behind someone prision for killing a legend

  2. Demetria says:

    Well you know when you get sentenced you really dont do all the time so i say he will be in there about 1 1/2 the most 2years the rest on papers

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