Dr Tiffanie Davis-Henry Atlanta based licensed Sex Therapist stopped by The View Today w/Co Hosts from new show “The Revolution” to air in January 2012 on ABC. Elisabeth Hasselbeck & Joy Behar covered several topics that are really #HotOnThePress lately so you know the Kardashian question was raised. WHY? Why would Kim file for Divorce so soon?

Hasselback asked Sex/Relationship Therapist Dr Tiffanie, ” What are the basic things to discuss before getting married? Although admitting she doesn’t know Kim Kardashian she responded, “People are not asking the basic questions of What is going on with the money finances? Do you want children? Watching how that person handles  stress.”

Or they are asking and not listening to the advice given. In the case of Kim and Kris, “Were these things laid out when they should have been listening to each other? asked Dr Tiffanie Davis Henry. In response to her own question, Probably not discussed in details. “When your partner tells you he doesn’t want something, please believe him/her.

How Many people think Kim Kardashian thrives for the attention and love of a new relationship? Or is she truly looking for love? Or is she just a media whore?

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