There were rumors all over the net that superstar Drake brought his ex girlfriend to his New Year’s Eve performance in New York City’s Times Square. All this coming out days after Dollicia Bryan confirmed that she was dating Drake. While it sounds untrue it really happen, but there’s a reason why he’s back to his EX.

Drake tweeted about spending his holidays in Los Angeles. And Dollicia confirmed via her representative that she was then dating Drake. However, afterwards, Drake showed up on his New Year’s Eve performance with his ex girlfriend, Nebby, all for a reason.

According to sources, Drake and Dollicia had a fight just before Drake left for New York City Times Square performance. The fight started over a pair of colored contacts Drake was wearing.

The fight began at a dining table at Villa Blance in LA. Dollicia reportedly told Drake that she didn’t think it was a good look for Drake to wear the hazel-colored contacts he was wearing then. But it got Drake feel offended and the two started to argue. As the fight heated up, Dollicia first got up and walked away followed by Drake leaving the restaurant.

So, what do you think? Did Drake take a revenge by showing up with his ex girlfriend?

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