The show hasn’t even aired and the drama has begun. The newest reality show on VH1 is ‘The Gossip Game‘ and tension is already brewing. Angela Yee and K Foxx aren’t besties that’s for sure. The ladies work in competing stations and morning shows on Hot 97 and Power 105. Details of what Angela had to say about her cast member. Global Grind, interviewed Angela Yee as she shared information about her and Foxx’s relationship.

Well, I definitely don’t feel like she likes me too much, but I never really knew her that well. Like I’ve seen her out and about. Sometimes now there’s a little bit tension, but it’s really not on my part. I think she feels uncomfortable when I’m around.

No, I don’t really feel like that because I don’t think our responsibilities are the same as what I do. Like what she does is not the same as what I do. Me, Charlamagne and Envy are equal on our show. For her, it’s Cypha and Rosenberg’s show and she’s part of that show. It was a job that I was offered first, that I didn’t take bc I wanted to be a equal.

Foxx hasn’t responded.

Source: Global Grind & TheJasmineBrand

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