Being an athlete who relies on Uber or Lyft to get around seems like it’s pretty hit or miss (well, that goes for everyone, but especially anyone who is a celebrity). If you get a driver who is way too into the fact that they have a famous person in their car, it can probably get annoying, especially if this happens a few times.

But if you get the right driver, it can probably be really cool interacting with a fan in a 1-on-1 situation for a few minutes. This happened to Dwyane Wade during a recent Uber ride that he documented on Snapchat. His driver must be a huge Heat fan – he asked how Wade could get traded and they’re in Florida – because he was losing his mind over Wade being in his car.

Listen to how emphatically he says “you are the man” to the Bulls guard. This dude was so appreciative of the fact that he got to drive Wade around, and it’s awesome.

Apparently, Wade was heading to a Waffle House. We know what happened there because this was also on his Snapchat, along with the Snapchat of Isaiah Canaan. Oh, and it is important to mention that Wade rented out the entire Waffle House, because he apparently can do that.

The Bulls take on Orlando on Wednesday.

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