Everyone remembers when Common and Erykah Badu were dating back in 2000. Well the couple’s relationship only lasted for 2 years and Common is speaking about it now. In a recent interview with Wendy Williams, Common revealed all kinds of details!

“She handed it to me. I was in my hotel room on tour and … she called me and was like, ‘Hey, I don’t wanna be in this relationship no more. I’m liking somebody else'”.  OUCH! Common also admitted,” That was my first love and my first heartbreak”. Well…

I guess after Common got over the heartbreak, the two rekindled their friendship. Common told Wendy Williams, “It taught me a lot of things, and when it happened I kinda really got into myself and really learned about myself and I was able to move on, and now me and E is real cool.” At least she gave him something, even if it was simply learning more about himself.

Common also spoke about his old ex Serena Williams. He told the talk show host that he and Serena are still good friends. Too bad he didn’t make any remarks about these recent videos of her twerking on the internet. I would have loved to hear that.

Be sure to check out Common’s new book One Day It’ll All Make Sense. What do you think of Erykah Badu breaking up with Common over the phone? Can you believe that she would do something like that?

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