Erykah Badu conducted an experiment on the streets of New York! She wanted to see what it was like to sing for money.

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Soulful vocalist Erykah Badu recently decided to conduct what she called a “street hustle experiment” in which she stood on the busy streets of New York City and sung about how she needed money! In the beginning of the video, we see Ms. Badu saying how she “always wanted to see what it would be like to sing for money on the street.” Shortly afterwards, a fan actually asks to take her picture! She snatches off her infamous very tall hat, dons a pair of large glasses, and launches into her money freestyle!

Erykah may have only been given $3.60 after about 5 minutes of street performing, but it was quite interesting to see her attempt to do what so many aspiring performers do in cities around the world: do what they love for little or nothing until they can be paid sufficiently to do what they love. The singer was definitely brave to do this and seemed to enjoy her varied interactions with the people!

Check out the video here:

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