Reality stars Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ocho Cinco have plans to get married next month and even snagged their own wedding special. The wedding spin-off focuses on the couple’s wedding planning, and pre-nuptials, but it hasn’t been decided whether the show will focus on their married life after the nuptials. Sources repot that Evelyn still doesn’t know whether or not she’ll be returning to Basketball Wives

There were already unconfirmed reports that three ladies from the show were not being asked back and in a recent interview Evelyn hints that she may be one of them.


Evelyn tells Atlanta’s V103 last week,


“You know, I honestly don’t know because we don’t know what the cast is going to look like. Negotiations start in August or September, I think.”


Sounds like someone is waiting for a bigger paycheck to me. Sources say rather than filming the show that has a boycott against it because of her violent actions, Evelyn is considering staying out of the spotlight to fulfill her new role as a domestic wife and mother.

The couple has plans of having twin boys together, but now Evelyn will become the step-mother for Chad’s two children from a previous relationship, so she is getting ready to change her ways.

“I was with my step-babies and they’re young—8 and 7—Chad’s kids, and I’m in the car with them Easter Sunday, I’ll never forget this, and they are literally reciting to me everything that happened on the episode with the bottle throwing,”

she explains. It was embarrassing for her, and she immediately wanted to change her ways. She wants to be a mother and a wife, so being on a show with women that make her lash out isn’t the best for her.

S2S reports Evelyn is also working on business ventures, including E by Evelyn cosmetics, a new clothing line and her novel.

“I did it very tastefully. Names are changed. I made sure to keep things very private,” said Evelyn, who still considers the book “very open.”

“You can get a glimpse of how I lived, how my life was and why I do react to certain things and why I’m so protective of my girlfriends,” she said.

Evelyn’s book, The Wives Association, and her makeup line are available now. Her clothes are coming soon.

“We’re in the early stages on that, but I will say that it is going to be a line of maxi dresses, and they’re going to be very affordable. It’s going to be around Spring 2013,” she said.

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