Debra Antney definitely hustles while the rest of us sleep.  Some of you may know Deb as Waka Flocka’s mother; as the force responsible for artists like French Montana, Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane and many others; or as the creator of the newest Hip Hop star competition.

She talked to us about Kim Kardashian’s attempts at breaking the internet, the state of the music industry, her new quest for the the next Hip Hop Star, and much more.

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Freddy O:  Tell us about your new project.

Deb:  We’re looking for the next Hip Hop star.  We will be in six cities in the south, hoping to find four artists to bring back to Atlanta to ultimately choose the next star. We will be hitting all regions, but this season is about the south.

Freddy O:  You’ve made it your business to always work with artists that possessed originality.  They weren’t trying to emulate anyone, instead they owned who they were.  Was this by design or coincidental?

Deb:  The “it factor” consists of someone who knows exactly who they are.

Freddy O:  The industry is ever changing and album sales are always suffering.  In light of the fact that until Taylor Swift’s recent release, no album in any genre had gone platinum the entire year; how do you feel about the state of the industry?

Deb:  I’m not affected by numbers.  It doesn’t scare me.  Record sales aren’t the only way to make numbers.  There are a lot of other ways to make money.  I’m not going to sit here and worry about what other people doing.  I’m going to create my lane.  I’m too busy thinking of ways not to drown to worry about other people.  People start getting crazy.  I don’t want an artist to feel that they aren’t dynamic because they don’t do numbers.  Some artists just might not sell in the stores.

Freddy O:  What do you think about Kim Kardashian’s attempts to #breaktheinternet?

Deb:  Would I have done that- No.  Is it fair for me to tell someone else what to do with themselves?  It’s her body.  Do it.  Would I have liked to see any of my girls- No. I love Kanye so much.  As long as Ye ain’t mad at it. That ain’t my business.  I can only tell you what Deb ain’t gone do.  I’m hoping my nieces don’t go there.  Hoping they don’t have to do that for attention.

I don’t like how they keep seeing porn on TV.  It’s so easy for these kids to look at.  What are you telling these kids?  And then who gets the blame for these things? That’s what I have a problem with.

We had a ball chatting with Deb Antney.  She is so real and extremely humble.  Be sure to come out and support her quest for the next Hip Hop Star!  She’ll be hitting Birmingham, Memphis, Jackson, Jacksonville, and Charlotte.

“I want to put the DJs back in place to decide what we should hear again.  I want everyone to know I am coming to your city.  I want to make stuff happen.  I just pray to God it’s successful. I hope my message gets across.  I want to stop listening to the same five artists.  I want some new flavor.”


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