You haven’t listened to a remix until you’ve heard one from the remix killer, Tedsmooth.  Arguably, DJ Tedsmooth remixes are sometimes better than the original song.

Diddy said, “If you don’t have a Tedsmooth remix to extend the life of your single, you’re gonna die.”

Tedsmooth sat down with us to answer a few questions about his “process”, his extensive community outreach endeavors in East Harlem, how to handle a “dead” crowd, and so much more.

What’s the process for a Tedsmooth remix? Do you wait for the track to blow up or does the inspiration hit as soon as you listen to a new track?

The process for a Tedsmooth remix is, first and foremost, I have to like the song or at least the melody of the lyrics because sometimes there is a dope song hidden under a wack beat. I usually wait until the buzz on the original starts to dip because I know artists and producers work hard on their “Roll Out” of a song, trust I’ve been there. So for me to drop a remix two days after [the original drops] and the DJ’s just stop playing the original is just horrible. Me catching a song on its way down and reviving it is just more of a statement.

You’ve produced some NY classics; is there anyone you want to work with? 

I’ve been close to working with Jay Z twice, snaps finger, so that’s my number one. After him, I’ve probably worked with everybody else already!!! Well not everybody, but you know what I mean.

Expound on your community service endeavors. I know you’re active in Harlem, any new projects on the horizons?

My community endeavors is a completely other interview!!! A lot of the things I do I don’t put out there cause I don’t do them for publicity. I will give you a few though. I’ve managed and maintained “La Casita” Community garden on 119th street bet 2nd & 3rd ave in East Harlem for almost twenty years.  It’s a great, fun and safe place for people of all ages to spend down time and enjoy our neighborhood. The Tedsmooth Oldschool Jam has been going for nine years, once a month every Summer; so do the math, we’ve done a lot of them!!! I rather you google it or go to my website www.djtedsmooth.com to see what we’ve created in our park. Its the BEST PARK JAM IN NYC HANDSDOWN!!! and its FREE!!! No sponsors, but I think this year we will be blessed with some major help God willing.


This new mix tape is like an audio history lesson. What was your inspiration for the new mix tape?

My inspiration for my “Breaks To The Beats” Mixtape is exactly what the question says “Audio History” or “Hip Hop DNA” It’s just a refreshing listen, no screaming, no jigga jigga scratch, no shout outs etc etc just smooth transitions and great gems!!!


 Nominated for the global spin award again, which is a huge honor. What would you say has been your greatest accomplishment so far?

The Global Spin Award nomination is definitely up there with great accomplishments because it comes from an authentic place, my peers and people I look up to. As far as my greatest accomplishment, there are so many but one of them is definitely being able to cross the line of DJs not wanting to play records because another DJ did it. I think that’s groundbreaking cause even the Hater DJs have “Tedsmooth Folders”, they just talk over my drop. Lol

(Note:  DJ Tedsmooth did win the Global Spin Award for “Best Remixer of the Year”)


You’re DJ’in the club and the crowd just isn’t responding, what record do you play to get people moving? Today? Ten years ago?

Bad question, I’ve never DJ’d at a club where the crown is not responding. 🙂 Sorry…..


Twenty years from now what will the fans say about Ted Smooth, Straightface, Do remember?

Twenty years from now I think people will be saying, “Damn this Dominican nigga is still relevant?!?!”. lol Hopefully my music will remain timeless.

Leave us with a quote:

My quote for you is something that I tell my daughter TY everyday “If it doesn’t cost you anything to help somebody, help them. It will always come back!!” You Remember….   Oh Oh, another one….. “Hey DJ, be yourself. Everybody else is taken…” #Jazzy

Hands down, my favorite remix has to be:

Tedsmooth is extremely humble and gave a great interview. Be sure to check out his new mixtape. It took me back to the essence of hip-hop. You can always spot someone who truly enjoys their craft. Do what you love and love what you do.

Salute DJ Tedsmooth!

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