Gucci out did himself for his new mixtape! Last night Gucci along with many Atlanta VIPs took a listen to the new mixtape, ‘TrapGod.‘ Not only is he celebrating new music, check out the brand new chain and pinky ring!! The official listening party for the new project was held at Patchwerk Studios in the Atlanta. Details and photos inside!!!

Young Scooter, Rocko, Gucci

Gucci treated himself to a brand new chain for the occasion. The necklace is by Graff and imported by Edwin Reed and Eric Barr exclusively for Gucci! Over 20 flawless natural diamonds the necklace was over $100,000. As you can see Gucci also has a brand new pinky ring, a diamond ring set in 4.4 carats of fancy intense yellow diamonds. Not only is the ring 4.4 carats, the center stone is 8 carats!! Damn Gucci!!! What a way to celebrate TrapGod!!! 

Young Ralph, DJ Holiday, 

Gucci is very excited for the release of the mixtape. He has been in an ongoing beef with Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy and even put out a dis record called ‘Truth‘ that is expected to be on TrapGod.

Mamma Dee, Sasha Cream, Shay Johnson

Gucci tweeted ‘Happy BRICKSQUAD Birthday’ for tomorrow which is 10/17. His FULL mixtape is set to release on WorldStarTapes.

Recy and Zoe

TrapGod brought out all of Atlanta’s finest including DJ Holiday, Young Ralph, Recy, Zoe, Mamma Dee and Shay Johnson of LHHA, Sasha Cream, Rocko, Young Scooter and many more….

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