Miss Keri Baby, says “No Boys Allowed” but that doesn’t stop a deranged fan from hopping on stage, grabbing her and stealing a kiss. I think the biggest question was “where is security”?. This happened at a concert in Paris acouple weeks ago. Check out the rest of the story and the video!

Security  immediately rushed the stage and handled the fan while knocking Keri upside the head in the process.

Members of Keri’s security team casually grabbed the guy around his waist but the oversexed fan refused to let go. So another  security guard reached over and punched the man in the back of his head, while hitting Keri in the process.

After it was all said and done, she tweeted

RT @EmmaHollyFierce: Psycho guy tried to kiss Keri OMG!!!!! <<–no, his intentions were good! But I was def caught off guard.

To the guy who ran on stage & stole a kiss, I LOVE YOU TOO. Didn’t appreciate how u were handled. But next time, enjoy from the audience ;)

I just learned that dude jumped from the 2nd story balcony for the task…ok, so maybe he was a lil crazy! Just jokes. I love my fans, yo!!!

Its good to see that Keri loves her fans but she needs to get a restraining order on that dude or somethin! lol. I  guess her lyrics are true “Sometimes Love Comes Around & It Knocks You Down”.



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