Drake is being asked to perform at a funeral for a 20-year-old woman from North Carolina who died tragically in a car crash over the weekend. Her friends have started a campaign called #DrakeSingforJasmin Movement hoping that her all-time favorite rapper, Drake, can honor her last dying wish and perform at her funeral.

Check out the details below.

The #DrakeSingForJasmin movement has officially taken over the internet. Jasmin Grady, 20, was sadly killed in a car accident on July 13 near Wilmington, North Carolina. Jasmin’s closest friends have now revealed that her ultimate dying wish was to have rapper Drake sing at her funeral. That’s pretty morbid!

Twitter loves a good campaign and everybody from Kevin Hart to Justin Bieber’s BFF Alfredo Flores has tweeted their support for the #DrakeSingforJasmin campaingn.

drake-sing-for-jasmin-kevin-hart drake-sing-for-jasmin-alfredo-flores

Drake is known to take interest in his fans. Remember when he made a surprise visit to a young woman named Kennedy Brown after her friends began the online campaign #DrakeForKen? Kennedy was battling stage-four brain cancer and made a dying wish of meeting the her favorite rapper.

A hashtag can move mountains can it move Drake to perform at a fan’s funeral?

I guess time will TELL!

Our prayers goes out to the family and friends of Jasmin.

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