Oscar de la Renta

Fashion icon, Oscar de la Renta, has passed away at 82! He was best known for introducing the world to haute couture and being the late Jackie Kennedy’s favorite fashion designer!

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The man that was often called the “Sultan of Suave” has passed away! Oscar de la Renta was 82 years old, and was responsible for dressing first ladies, celebrities, and famous brides.

He was diagnosed with cancer in 2006, but he was deemed “totally clean” last year! “He was a true, true gentlemen, in the truest sense of the word — a real bright light — and this is just a terrible, terrible loss for the fashion world,” Alina Cho, fashion journalist and editor at large at Random House.

De la Renta was from the Dominican Republic and was the only boy out of seven children. He joked with audience members at a “Fashion Talks” series last year about his father’s career choice for him compared to his own. “My father had different aspirations for me than I had for myself,” he explained. “If I ever told my father I would become a fashion designer, he would drop dead on the spot.”

The fashion industry will never be the same after suffering such a devastating blow! Oscar de la Renta influenced and dressed so many! He is truly a talent that will be missed.


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