A father of two premature kids is accusing Beyonce’s security guards of not letting him enter the hospital where his wife delivered twins.

According to sources, Beyonce’s daughter named Blue Ivy Carter was born at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City this Saturday night. But the security the couple reportedly deployed for a reported $1.3 million interrupted others as well.

Named Neil Coulon from Brooklyn, the father said Beyonce’s bodyguards did not let him enter and see his wife who was on the sixth-floor neonatal intensive care unit. He also claimed that Beyonce’s so-called security cleared off the waiting room of his relatives, according to a report by the New York Daily News. The agency described the star’s ‘security measures’ as making the entire hospital an exclusive nightclub.

Coulon said that he was stopped three times while entering and exiting the NICU because they wanted to use the hospital hallway.

Daily Mail said that Jay-Z and Beyonce spent a reported $1.3 million for their security inside the hospital. But it turned out that the bodyguards made the entire hospital only for the couple. Coulon said that it was a hospital and nobody cared if you’re a celebrity. “They just want to see their children.”

Another source from the hospital told New York Daily News that another gentleman was overheard saying that he could not go upstairs to see his baby because of the security set up by the couple.

However, hospital source denies such accusations. Spokeswoman Anne Silverman said that she had not personally heard of anything like this claiming that she was hearing this for the first time.

Source: Daily Mail UK.

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