Arsenio Hall will be back at it on latenight TV this Fall! He gave Entertainment Tonight an exclusive look at his new “Posse”.

Check it out after the break!

How could we forget the dog “whoofs”, his famous long finger that was the subject of countless jokes on “In Living Color”, the skits, and everything else that made the Arsenio Hall Show the place be on late night TV.

Arsenio’s show ran from 1989 to 1984.  His show was THE stop for everyone from his personal friend, Eddie Murphy, to Bill Clinton before he was president.  Many say that Bill Clinton’s performance on Arsenio Hall’s show helped get him elected.  Magic Johnson famously appeared after he announced his AIDS diagnosis.

Either way, vintage or new, I’m ready for some Arsenioooooooooo Hall!

Will you be watching the new Arsenio Hall show?  It debuts on 9-9-13.

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