Flavor Flav is denying allegations that he’s not paying employees at his new chicken restaurant in Iowa. The rap star tells WQAD.com that his business hasn’t been bouncing checks, adding that the people making the allegations are probably “just jealous” of his success. The restaurant’s other owner, Nick Cimino, says they did have a few checks bounce when the restaurant first opened, but notes that the “glitches” they had, have since been fixed. Cimino goes on to say that the entire incident is just an example of disgruntled former employees trying to get back at their employer.

Flavor Flav’s Chicken opened in Clinton, Iowa at the beginning of the year. Shortly after opening its doors, the restaurant fired 15 to 20 employees for various reasons. Two former employees have since come forward to say that pay checks they received have bounced, and are still owed money for their service.

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