We had so much fun and Atlanta enjoyed the original ‘I Pledge to Hustle’ Fashion Show that we decided to do it again and VH1 is going to capture it all for tv! I would love to invite you all to my show which will feature some of my friends as we show the world the power of PLEDGING TO THE HUSTLE.
Check out the details below.

I PLEDGE TO HUSTLE Fashion Show takes place tonight Wednesday, June 11, 2014, at Enclave located at 170 Spring Street, Atlanta, GA 30303 from 8:30 pm to 11 pm.

The show will feature my lifestyle brand ‘I Pledge to Hustle’ and a bevy of clothing lines from some of his celebrity friends for the live taping of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. What I want people to know about ‘I Pledge to Hustle’,

“The I Pledge to Hustle Brand, is a pledge for commitment to your craft and your goals; it’s about never giving up, learning to survive through the bad times and above all pledging to hustle for your dreams,”

The I Pledge to Hustle Fashion Show is an event celebrating entrepreneurship with vending and designs from top celebrities & independent fashion architects.

Featured Celebrities and lines include: Brittni mealy(Pop of Junk) and I Am Perez (#Biiitch), plus many more.

Doors for this esteemed event will open at 8:30 pm, privy guests will enjoy vending, networking, and live taping for the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. The I Pledge to Hustle Fashion Show starts promptly at 9:45 PM.

General Admission: FREE

Be sure to RSVP at ipledgetohustle@gmail.com

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