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Celebrities and their pricey footwear are nothing new to the industry. However Kanye West’s new signature shoe collectors item has just taken the game from absurd to downright criminal.

West’s new sneaker collab with Nike made its way to stores this past Sunday. And to no surprise they were sold out in minutes. What is surprising is how the highly sought out pair of kicks are going for on ebay.

Per Style News for People Mag:

The rapper’s new collaboration with Nike — his Air 2 Red October sneakers — sold out in hours Sunday (no surprise), and they’ve already hit eBay (also, not surprising). But the current bidding price for Yeezy’s kicks did manage to surprise us (as in, jaws on the floor): £10,000,000 or roughly $16.4 million.

Nike announced on Twitter Sunday that that shoes were on sale, retailing for $245. And they sold out so quickly that the eBay sales started almost immediately. The sneakers are all red and feature gold embellishments on the laces (not real gold, although for the price people are willing to pay, you’d think it was.)
The most ridiculous listing on eBay shows the top bid at more than 16 million bucks, but more sales have been popping up with “Buy It Now” prices as low as about £3,500.00 (about $5,748), which seems like a total steal by comparison!

Though I think anyone in hip-hop who can brand themselves the way Kanye has, that’ll get the people motivated to support an idea, is dope. However, the savage freek market of it all is kind of disgusting.

What say you? Would cough up 5K or 16 million for a pair of Kanye Kicks?

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