Just when you think George Zimmerman is banished from the lime light this raggedy mo fo reinvent himself; he’s back and he’s getting back into the ring. The George Zimmerman boxing match is back on only time it’s not considered a celebrity event anymore. This sucker got more lives than an accident prone cat.

Check out the details below.

The George Zimmerman boxing match is no longer considered a Celebrity Boxing Match. According to the new promoters, this will be like Fight Club (a very bloody fight) Event. Trayvon Martin’s parents refused to accept any of donations from this event. The Martin family is opposed to anything that’s associated with VIOLENCE and GEORGE ZIMMERMAN!


The promoters decided to give all proceeds to The Trayvon Martin Foundation. All in an effort to give the people what they want, and that’s a bloody fight. People want to see George Zimmerman get his lights clocked. People want to see him get the “KNOCKED the F OUT!”.

The original promoter Damon Feldman decided to pull the original fight after the huge public outcry and after receiving numerous death threats  to himself and his children.

The  new match will be March 15, 2014. The location has not been released as of yet but we know there will be tons of security.

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