Are you that wifey that found out her hubby fathered a child with another woman during your marriage? Typically, he’ll try to make sure the other woman doesn’t have the baby…so not to disrupt home. But when the side-chick decides to keep the baby, all HELL can break loose!

How do you deal with a situation like this? Try to treat it as if he only had an affair. And let me tell you why… because when you have sex, you can get pregnant. It’s as simple as that. Pregnancy itself holds NO weight; there is NO power in the laws of nature “doing what nature do!” It is what it is. So, if you feel your relationship is worth saving, deal with the affair. Then, make a conscious decision to do right by the innocent child.

Husbands need to take responsibility. If a woman didn’t make it by herself…she shouldn’t have to raise it by herself. It’s going to be “awkward” because it’s supposed to be! You, she & your hubby should just expect that…Holidays, School Programs, Birthdays, Drop-Offs & Pick-Ups, Half- Siblings, etc., etc. Dealing with all of this is now your reality. Be sure and understand that the child will grow up and remember exactly how you made them feel. So, don’t mistreat the child!

No woman takes pride in having to explain to family & friends that her baby-daddy is a married man. The other woman may walk around acting as if she don’t give a damn, but that’s all a front. She will be fronting at the baby shower, at the birth of the child, and throughout life…cause she knows the circumstances don’t set well with people. It’s wrong to be with a married man! All sidepieces know this, no matter how they try to justify it.

As the wife, support your man. Don’t allow pregnancy {the outcome of sex} to destroy your marriage. If you found out your man had an affair that didn’t result in a baby, would you leave him? Do as you would do, if there were no pregnancy. I know… MUCH easier said than done! But, if you really love him you may wanna try to work things out.

Finally, don’t feel embarrassed, weak or stupid because you decide to work on your marriage. You did absolutely nothing wrong. Don’t concern yourself with others’ opinions. Keep your family in tact, especially if you have children. Make this your number one priority. Know that your husband will be held accountable by a much higher judge, than the judges in the court of public opinion.

So, continue to live your life with your head held high! Let the sidepiece deal with the shame of telling her child the truth one day. No child wants to grow up to realize that a man that was married to someone other than their mother, conceived them. Moving forward won’t be easy, but show the other woman the power of “transformative strength” within the heart of a true WIFEY! ~Doc Mel  Follow on Instagram & Twitter @doc_mel1

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