I smell a hater!!! They’re saying Chris Brown’s eye for fashion apparently makes him the world worst-dressed man. “GQ” notes that for someone who likes to boast about how much money he has, Brown “seems utterly adverse to investing in tailoring.”

The publication goes on to say that Chris combines “the worst excesses of XXL sizing with a penchant for deeply unflattering costumes.”

After calling him a “thuggish rapper-slash-singer,” they suggested that Brown should be investing his money into tailoring not $15,000 phones.

WOW did he pissed them off or what?

“GQ” was much nicer to Tinie Tempah, who is the British virgin of Wiz Khalif. The Mag Named Tempah their best-dressed man. “GQ” says that while they don’t like to “blow our own trumpet too much,” they find it interesting that the well-dressed Tinie Tempah also resides in the U.K.
 Just so yall know I think the photo above is fake?  Huffingtonpost and MTO, reported that Rihanna was pretty close to getting in a fight with Chris’s current girlfriend, aspiring model Karrueche, at a club in L.A..
Source  says the girls ‘got in each others faces’, – – Chris and Karrueche were on one side of the VIP and Rihanna was on the other. After seeing Chris,  Rihanna made her move  walking over to the pair, Kae then stepped to her.” The two were about to fight when Rihanna’s bodyguards came to the rescue. Who do yall think would have won?

Last thing, they’re saying Chris will be performing at this years Grammy’s…

Here’s Busta Rhymes “Why Stop Now ft. Chris Brown” Official Music Video

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