March 22, 2011, I had the opportunity to hang out with the homie Gucci Mane, My Road Dog Mizz Shyneka(@MzShyneka) and Homie Emperor Searcy (@EmperorSearcy) as he hit up one of Atlanta’s top radio stations Hot 107.9 to promote the release of his new Album entitled “The Return Of Mr. Zone 6”. Wow people didn’t even know he was releasing an album. Well just so you guys know its only a mixtape so make sure you guys go out and support the mix-tape as well because you know Gucci is infamous for bringing the real.

While on air Gucci man revealed the answer to the question everybody and their mama has been wanting to know for the past few months. What the hell was the reason for getting a big ice cream and lightening bolt tatted across you face?


Gucci said, He only got the tattoo on his face to promote the release of his mix-tape and at the time he felt he needed to make a statement that was unique and like none other artist out there. He also goes on to say that the lightening bolt was just and extra additive that held no specific meaning.

WTF? Who am I to judge to each his own.


Well Gucci you have accomplished just that because that move alone has gotten you worldwide press, so I hope you taking one for the team boost the mix-tape sales. Gucci wanted everyone to know that he no longer has Waka Flocka’s mother managing him, he has branched out and is in total control of his musical career. Hopefully he will become a better business man, by having a first hand insight on what it takes to manage the success of an artist.

Check Out the Video Clip Of Gucci’s Tatto insight:

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