While shooting a music video on Wednesday Tekashi 69 and 50 Cent were in danger after shots were fired near the location. Officials confirmed that no one was injured. The shoot was taking place in Brooklyn, New York. They were allegedly filming the music video on West St. near the Greenpoint waterfront. At approximately 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday, a man is said to have open fired eight rounds of bullets from inside a white Porsche. The proximity of the gunman to the set during the shooting remains unconfirmed.

The incident is under investigation by the police. They are in the process of identifying the man through surveillance footage. TMZ reported that people present at the scene said that they saw “someone in a white Porsche with New Jersey license plates” firing at least 11 shots. The weapon has reportedly been identified as a 9mm semi-automatic gun based on the shell casings. The two rappers were reportedly present were at the sets with Casanova and Uncle Murda. It was also reported that sources close to Tekashi said that it wasn’t meant to harm the two rappers n particular but the cops feel otherwise.

Tekashi 69 hasn’t had the best year so far. This is the second shooting he has been connected in a span of three months. In June, while rapper Chief Keef and Tekashi were having a feud, someone took a shot at Keef. Although he escaped unhurt, fingers were pointed at 69. He flatly refused anything to have to do with the incident and denied all involvement on TMZ live saying that “Keef’s a gangsta rapper who promotes violence.” He also claimed that “he must’ve had a beef on the streets.” When asked if it was time to call a truce, he laughed and said, “people get shot every day.”

Recently, the rapper was put behind the bars for misdemeanor assault on a warrant from Texas. After spending two days in Riker’s Island, he was released on bail. Last year, 69 pleaded guilty to the use of a child in a sexual performance on October 20, 2015. He posted a video on Instagram that showed a minor girl in compromising light. In his initial statement to police, referring to the video, 69 stated, “I was doing it for my image.”

Earlier in his statement, he asserted, “The SCUMBAG persona is just for shock value. It started when I started making clothing with the words ‘HIV’ and ‘pussy’ on it. They got famous and went viral. Bam. Because ‘pussy’ and ‘HIV’ worked, the SCUMBAG69 hashtag would have the same shock value.”

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