Halle Berry Files Claims On Ex-Boyfriend For Violating Child Custody Agreement

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Just days after pics of Gabriel Aubry and his daughter Nahla strolling through Santa Monica hit the web, TMZ is reporting that Halle Berry went to family court this morning, complaining that he violated the custody agreement over their 3-year-old.To reinforce her point, her lawyer submitted a lengthy court document claiming Gabriel has put Nahla at risk, the website reported.

Sources tell TMZ that Halle is concerned for Nahla when she’s in the care of Gabriel. “Our sources would not be specific about the violations, but we’re told it has to do with requirements Gabriel was supposed to follow when he had custody of Nahla,” TMZ stated.

“The lengthy documents go into great detail about Gabriel’s parenting skills, claiming there was once an incident overseas when Gabriel allegedly neglected Nahla, imperiling her safety.

“Halle wanted the judge to find Gabriel in violation of the custody order. Gabriel was not in court today, and the judge set a hearing on the matter for later.”

One Comment to “Halle Berry Files Claims On Ex-Boyfriend For Violating Child Custody Agreement”

  1. philly says:

    here’s the thing, women are pissed when their children father is not in the kids lives but when a man is involved and wants to be a father women try and find a way to make it hard for them to do just that. he was good enough to lie down and create that baby, but he’s not good enough to take care of the baby(only in your presence) get over yourself. if the child isn’t coming home with marks and clear signs of neglect-let the man be a damn father!

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