Donda West the mother of Kanye West has a birthday in today! Kanye West paid his tribute to his mother and he shared a message with us from baby North. He tweeted saying something along the lines of how North wished an airplane could take her to heaven to see her grandmother and wish her a Happy Birthday! How sweet is that?

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Kanye West has had it very very hard since his mother passed. He definitely was and still is a mommas boy and it broke everyone’s heart to see him hurt when everything happened. I feel like right after she passed he went through a phase that had a lot of his fans worried and concerned about him.



Kanye did good for himself though finding love and making a family. He created a new motivation to stay on top and ahead of the game which I’m sure everyone one can agree we sincerely appreciate.

We want to let Kanye know that we are all sorry for his loss but very happy that he is making her proud doing good work for others.


Happy Birthday Mama Kanye! May your beautiful soul rest in peace!



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