HefeIggyIggy Azalea you never cease to amaze the public with all your social media rants. Seems the Aussie Igloo Australia has been hit with yet another lawsuit over unreleased music again. Only not from Hefe Wine this time. James McMillan refers to Iggy as a “self serving and hypocritical liar.” In the past 6 months iggy-azalea-sue-lawsuit-copy-illegal-musicso many industry cats  have directly called this chick a liar. Daz & Snoop  Read: [He also calls her a liar … for claiming her bodyguard saved the life of Snoop’s friend in a hotel fire in Canada.]


Hefe Wine and now James McMillan. Where does it end? Maybe Hefe Wine is not the person Iggy Azalea is painting him out to be. However James McMillan lawsuit is confirming exactly the allegations Hefe Wine had against the pop artist as well. We learned through Radar Online that a lawsuit was filed on Tuesday Dec 12,2014 :

James McMillan, who says he’s the head of a music publishing company, filed a federal lawsuit in California against the “Fancy” rapper on Tuesday, claiming that he owns the rights to six of Azalea’s unreleased songs. Read the documents here: Radar Online

According to the legal docs, Azalea, 24, signed a record deal with her ex-boyfriend Maurice Williams (aka Hefe Wine) in 2009 that gave him all the rights to the music she recorded during the time that they worked together.

McMillan claims in the court papers that Williams transferred the rights to him in 2012, but “Azalea now claims that she did not in fact sign the…Recording Contract, and seeks to reclaim all her purported rights in the Assigned Compositions.”

However, McMillan says in the lawsuit that Azalea’s claim that her signature on the contract is a forgery is a LIE.

She is “in a self serving and hypocritical manner claiming her signature is a forgery in an attempt to set aside a contract,” reads the suit.

To read the full story visit Radaronline.com

Further, McMillan says that Azalea’s ex-boyfriend Williams spent a year nurturing and developing her music talent and was responsible for introducing her to Kareem Chapman, who worked for T.I.’s Grand Hustle (where she is currently signed).

In court papers, McMillan says he plans to sell the six songs but explains that the popular Australian rapper and her record labels have been threatening him that they will take legal action if he does release the tracks — claiming they own the rights.

McMillan is demanding that the court order he is the rightful owner and can release the songs without Azalea or her labels being able to take legal action against him.

Iggy Azalea always seems to manage to stay in some type of hot water with someone. We first heard of a sex tape that was allegedly going to be put out and now we haven’t
heard anything else about a sex tape Iggy accused Hefe Wine of shopping. When in the interview above “Hefe Wine” denies shopping the leaked tape. Also Hefe Wines claims to have several unsolicited offers received and didn’t think twice about accepting any of the offers.

So which one is it Iggy? Did he steal your music off the computer or not? So you are saying Hefe Wine wrote and produced he had to steal back to it? That’s the only thing we are confused of here. Why are we accusing Hefe Wine of stealing? I hope this is not boiling down to a black or white thing. Interesting. You read the court documents and chime in on the comments so we can all move on with our lives.

Iggy Azalea hit with lawsuit from James McMillan which prove Hefe Wine may have been telling the truth

Iggy Azalea hit with lawsuit from James McMillan which prove Hefe Wine may have been telling the truth

googletnt2-o-2There seems like a lot of back peddling going on. First remember Iggy Azalea didn’t know who Hefe Wine was and then she remembered it was her ex boyfriend, then she remembered they also lived together, of and I guess forgot about the common law marriage too. Whew! It’s too much to keep up with Ms Azalea. My grandmother said “Everything that goes on the dark come to the light? Or was that the bible.

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