HefeIggyIf another woman says a man tricked her into a relationship! WOW! Iggy really? We know Iggy Azalea will definitely not be getting an apology from Hefe Wine. Divorce can be rough Iggy. We understand. Soooo you were 17 18 and now we know the truth! Ya boy FreddyO has the video from the trainer Karim the Dream who was at your 18th birthday dinner and he wants the world to know

This is the same “big mouth”  Australian  hip hop pop artist that claims at the age 17 she was dating a 30+ year old man, whom according to Iggy was someone she had a 6 month “fling” with. Yeah ok!! The main problem with her story is the Testimony of a patron at the “Birthday Dinner” where Iggy’s Mummy  SET IT UP for the Waite Staff to come out clanging pots and singing Happy Birthday to Amethyst Kelly (Australian government name ) Guess who still is not a citizen? #WorkVisa

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 4.43.49 AMLet’s address a few things about Ms Iggy Azalea or should we just refer to the subject as Amethyst Kelly (which was the name) Iggy used on doctor’s appointments in the U.S. when getting her checkups.( according to reliable sources) or was she getting checked out? Since medical records are private then maybe we will never know (unless a spouse)is allowed to have a copy of those records BUT since a no one is allowed to discuss medical records then maybe Iggy will just have to reveal why she would list herself as Wife of Hefe “according to her…she only had a 6 month fling with”.

tumblr_mk8igmpR0w1ql5yr7o1_500Yeah you are definitely going to need a Martini or two for this investigative rebuttal! We like to look at situations from a distance here at “AMM” and just review the facts. Why would someone from Australia who decides to (FLEE from their country at such a young age and )move to the United States not be in the mental mindset they are going to figure out a way to become famous in the land of the Free (and home of the Brave). Wouldn’t you have to be a BOLD 17 year old to move to the United States Alone to chase your dreams? Why not just wait til you turn 18 and become legal and move to the states as a legal adult (still unable to drink of course). This definitely seems like a desperate attempt for independence. What parent sends their child off to college and doesn’t mourn or at least go with them to check them into school and then return home? No parent would send their child off to a foreign country without a plan. At 17 years of age a young naive girl in America? Seeking stardom and a music career? Why wouldn’t this desperate plea lead to many more desperate escapades?

big_girl_in_the_big_city_by_azzyale-d54mwkuHey! “I made it to the United States” what’s next? Thinks the typical 17 year old female mind. If you move to another country as a female, young (less than smart) and hot in the pants! Definitely hot in the pants at 17. Hotter in the pants at 18 to move in with an older man (perhaps someone a 17 year old girl would look to as a father figure). Since no mention has been made of Iggy’s dad she obviously has no clue of his whereabouts (allegedly). Besides what Daddy would let Daddy’s little girl move out of their birth country to seek stardom knowing the price his baby-girl may have to pay to become a star! We all have heard the Hollywood stories!

Why would Iggy’s reps keep mentioning that Hefe Wine misrepresented himself as some type of Oil Tycoon or Oil Investor and late reveal he actually was not. Why would the representation keep mentioning this fact if Iggy Azalea wasn’t at some point impressed by this fact (felt deceived when she found out it wasn’t true?). Why would she have been so impressed by this (as if it weren’t part of her motivating force to pursue a relationship with Man In The Big House) perceived Oil Tycoon. Perhaps at 17 years of age a young (fatherless) girl may be looking to this type of male figure as the one who could (finance her musical career), afford to let her move in and pay no rent?

If in fact Hefe Wine offered his place of residence as a temporary home until a permanent one could be found, wouldnt Ms Independent Iggy Azalea (offer to pay rent?) Oh that’s right. She has no job, no skills to write her own music, maybe she could hold a decent note for a second or two, or maybe the none singing Star-bound determined  18yr old naive (but smarter than the world because she’s  18 and isn’t that the way all  18  year old’s think?) Or was the the thinking of an 18 year old Iggy Azalea who at 18 can make her own decisions and choose to move in with a man she know is much older than her (but at the same time can afford to take care of her); teach her how to rap (even if it was gangster rap,) Pay for studio time (oh better yet, record in the home studio of the house she lived in ) with her new common law husband whom she was in a sexual relationship with because HOW ELSE was Iggy going to get anyone to finance her aspiring music career, provide her food, clothing and shelter, school and groom her on how to be a gangsta rapper? Wonder where she got that idea that she was gangsta? Certainly not from Snoop at the time.

vanessa-gifWe just still wonder at what point did 18 year old COMMON LAW MARRIED IGGY AZALEA decide it would be a good idea to make a sex tape? Was it 3 months or 4 months into the relationship? Or perhaps since according to IGGY AZALEA she was in a 6 months relationship with Hefe Wine (did you decided after 3 or 4 months ) that you should move to Atlanta and make the sex tape before your 6 month relationship would come to an end? Or did you after being with someone for 3 months decide moving to Atlanta (the new Hollywood) would definitely be a better place to let someone you barely know (but started dating  within 1 week after knowing them) and immediately becoming sexually involved with this man (oh only because you were naive and convinced right?) GTFOH with that Bull crap story Ms Iggy Azalea? So another question would have to be at what point in the “6 month relationship” did you decide you were going to sign a management contract with Hefe Wine? WITNESS TO THE SIGNING OF THE CONTRACT IN THE VIDEO BELOW .


At what point did you phone home to Mummy about permission to sign over the likes, images of Iggy Azalea, video, sounds, recorded material, and label agreement?

mean-girls-call-phone-gifBefore or after the sex tape? Before or after the recorded songs were paid for by HEFE WINE and produced with other producers, or after the rap lyrics written 95% by Hefe Wine and taught to you? Or was it before you had a chance to go to the BIG Apple and have a BIG Meeting about a career opportunity? Seems like I would have to put my bet on it being “AFTER THE SEX tape” that a young Non US Citizen might decide to sign away her rights. Yeah Dopamine is very very strong! Especially in the beginning stages.

At what price does an artist have to pay back to those who supported their music career through financing, time, effort , artist development? Isn’t that why Major Labels start the artist off OWEING immediately? What’s the price? Everyone has to pay to play to a certain extent in the music game. But sometimes it’s all unfair in love and war when there are stakes on the table.

computer-identity-theft-hack_400x400Why would a producer/ writer like HEFE WINE who was talented enough to become a signed artist to Universal, saavy enough to push top units like his hit ‘POP My TRUNK,” why would Hefe Wine ever have to steal his own music that he wrote and produced? Since when did artists that didn’t pay for their own music they didn’t create , or songs they didn’t write, WHEN did these artist start walking around with MASTERS of this music they would love to call THEIRS..WHEN did they start keeping their Masters they didn’t OWN or contribute to IN THEIR LAPTOP?

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 5.11.41 AMWhen is the opinion or testimony of a disgruntled relative start being used as concrete factual evidence? Especially if its an in-law. Who ever believes the in-laws who always hate their daughter’s controlling boyfriend that’s never going to be “good enough” for their daughter (let the in-law tell it). Why would Iggy Azalea’s mom arrange for the waite staff to sing Happy Birthday to IGGY Azalea at the restaurant she met Hefe Wine initially if it clearly wasn’t her 18th birthday? Never forget who brought you to the party!




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