Iggy AzealaTMZ is reporting that Iggy Azalea that sources say she and her ex boyfriend, struggling Houston rapper Hefe Wine, have come to a unusually small settlement in the battle over whether Hefe has rights to her music and a sex tape he claims they shot together.  Get the details inside.

VIDEO: Iggy Azalea and Nick Young Are Engaged!

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Apparently the agreement has Iggy paying Hefe a check so small that one person said “He couldn’t even get a Honda Accord out of it.”  The couple seems to have had a rocky relationship and Iggy Azalea cleared the air on twitter about her fear of Hefe.  Iggy Hefe Tweet 1Iggy was only 17 when she first met Maurice Williams (aka Hefe Wine) and he claimed because they were together for so long that they had a common law marriage.  But some say Iggy was ready married.Iggy Hefe Tweet 2Now that all that is cleared up, Iggy has time to plan her wedding to her LA Lakers boo Nick Young.Iggy-Azalea-engaged-to-Nick-Young

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