“Independence Day” Sequel To Resume Without Will Smith

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Remember that BLOCKBUSTER hit “Independence Day” with Will Smith and Vivica Fox that came out in 1996; well a sequel is being made and the superstar won’t be in it.

Where they do that at? Will Smith missing in “Independence Day” is like having a bowl of corn flakes and no milk. What could possibly be the cause?

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The SEQUEL to Will Smith’s 1996 alien invasion “Independence Day” is finally in the works. But when it does land in theaters in 2015, the movie will be missing its headliner Mr. Will Smith.

Director Roland Emmerich tells “The New York Daily News” Smith will not be in the new movie, “ID Forever, Part 1.” He says Will Smith has simply become “too expensive.” Emmerich, who’s out promoting his upcoming film “White House Down,” says the actor is “too much of a marquee name” to have on board now and that it would “too much” to include him in the cast. He also said some, but not all, of the surviving characters from the first “Independence Day” movie would appear in the sequel, but would not give up any names.

“ID Forever, Part 1,” will arrive in theaters almost 20 years after the original film. The new movie is due out on July 3rd, 2015.

What do you think about Will Smith not being in the sequel of “Independence Day”?

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