Singer India.Arie got bashed when her single cover was released for supposedly lightening her skin. However, the star claims that she would NEVER bleach her skin and insists that it is simply the lighting. Read inside for more details on this controversial issue.

India. Arie released the artwork for her single “Cocoa Butter” a few days ago and fans think the star looks like she has been bleaching her skin.  This assumption isn’t hard to make because India is two drastically different colors. However, India took to Twitter to defend herself saying:

tweedleGreat pr for a single that discusses skin. Crazy that India finds her self defending her skin color when she was just the one voicing her opinion about light skin Zoe Saldana being casted for dark skin Nina Simone’s biopic.

Do you condone skin bleaching? Should India have approved the artwork seeing that she was lightened?




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