Is Soulja Boy Addicted To Codeine?

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Rumors have always circulated this last few years that Soulja Boy is addicted to one drug or another. It may be hard to fight the rumor that he’s addicted to codeine syrup according to his Instagram. Looking through the pictures it’s really obvious that the rapper is really sick, someone close to him is, or…he might be addicted to codeine. Look inside for more pics from his Instagram.


Under this picture he posted, “Make that work, work. Make the sh** flip”. Interesting.


Does he drink it with his dinner too?


Surprisingly, he captioned this picture saying, “RIP Pimp C”. How crazy is that seeing that Pimp C died from an overdose of cough syrup? We’re not sure if he would be endorsing this picture!!!

What’s up with Soulja Boy? Can you believe that he is publicly posting pictures like this? I hope that this situation turns around. I remember a time when Soulja Boy really got the party started for kids AND adults.

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