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Angela Simmons has been under the radar heavily lately with the media in suspicion of her being pregnant. She was on the Shade room not to long ago with pictures after her workout and she appeared to have a baby bump under her waist trainer. It’s always easy to tell when your pregnant when you have a natural flat tummy, correct? Do you all think the rumors are true?


She recently addressed the rumors when spotted at the airport by TMZ staff and she did not say yes or no. I more than agree with her decision to be mutual on the topic because sometimes it isn’t always the right time to let people know your personal life. We do not know what she thinks of this pregnancy or  if she is pregnant and it’s a lot more sensitive of a topic than people make it seem.


Well whether Angela is pregnant or not we will not know until she would like us to. She is currently in a relationship which make things even more complicated, as far as privacy goes. We hope everything is moving in her favor though.

We wish the best to her and her family!

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