With the world growing and changing rapidly in every aspect we have some people who are definitely resistant to change. Well, one rapper feels very strongly about the lesbian and gay presence on tv shows especially on the little kid shows. Boosie says that the television is “forcing kids to be gay” now and he is not in support of that new wave at all. Thoughts?

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Boosie expressed in an interview he had with DJ Vlad his thoughts on homosexuality and television. He thinks that in 10 years if things don’t change that half of our population will be waving the rainbow flag. He then goes on to mention that shows and cartoons such as “Empire” and “The Flintstones” are part of the problem. He does not hate gays but he then says if one of his sons were gay that he would slap them back straight.


Now, there are many issues with everything that he just said but the main thing is the accusation that the social and sexual boundaries that are being challenged in modern day tv have an effect on what children decide to be in the world. I know for a fact that tv has a strong influence but it’s not like the representations of gay people are destroying the idea of heterosexual couples. It is a good thing and a safe haven for people who may be curious on their sexuality to explore and not feel outcasted.

What are your thoughts?


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