J. Lo

Lately superstar J. Lo has shown us what a classy ex looks like! The singer’s week has been filled with her exes, but she remains calm and “unbothered.”

Check out the details below!

J. Lo has made it very clear in the past couple of weeks that she “ain’t got no worries!” In a world where celebrity break ups can be so nasty and disappointing, it’s refreshing to see that the superstar has taken all of her domestic matters in stride.

She was recently seen out with P. Diddy for a night of fun in L.A., and now, she’s posted a pic maxin’ and relaxin’ at ex Ben Affleck’s hit movie “Gone Girl.” She was even kind enough to use a hashtag.

J.lo Chilling

Feet up…Movie night!! #GONEGIRL

What a team player! I think this takes her sex appeal up another notch…if that’s even possible.

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