Jack A Daniels - Psychotherapist- Co host of Black Love on FYI

Jack A Daniels – Psychotherapist- Co host of Black Love on FYI

Black Love is the hit new show on the FYI channel an A & E Tv Network. The show is about 5 women embarking on a journey for love with the assistance of two relationship therapists. Among the experts is psychotherapist Jack A. Daniels, aka “The king of breakthroughs.” Daniels is a best-selling author, award-winning speaker and TV personality.

Best known for his 2 books especially “I Need a Wife and Stay Out of Your Own Way.”

Freddyo had a chance to chop it up with Jack A. Daniels inside Tees and Quotes and this is what I found out. Daniels talked about find the reasons Black women can’t find a man, men loving the chase and tips on how to let the man chase and how women can continue to be caught by the chaser! Check out our interview

Jack Daniels Photo Courtesy of www.jackadaniels.com

Jack Daniels Photo Courtesy of www.jackadaniels.com

What is your role on the show and your professional title?

I am a psychotherapist the guy who specializes in getting people unstuck and helping them overcome the fears they have had for years and also specialize in helping people find confidence, their voice and, of course, love.

What made your choose this as a career path? 

A terrible breakup really changed my life. Through my healing process I actually began to help others. That’s when I started writing and teaching. I soon saw my results in this one person I was helping and giving advise too, when actually I was healing myself through my writing. Now my clients consistent of people from all kinds of different walks of life; from corporate people, single moms, high profile, celebrities and a lot of executives.

Cast of Black Love

Cast of Black Love

Why this show? What made you narrow it down to do this type of show? I am sure numerous different networks have approached you.

Well, I am really selective about what I do because of the stigma of negativity associated with reality t.v. I have seen what it’s done to the image of black women and I didn’t want to be a part of that.  The network assured me that this was a show that would uplift them. This show #BlackLove is a great chance for people to see Black women and Black relationships in a positive light.

What advice do you have that someone could gain from reading this article? 1 Secret tip for the ladies.

Hmmm, ok ladies, when you meet a guy for a date for the 1st time keep the date under 1 hour. Make him anticipate the next time he will see you. Make him chase for the date (that’s what men do…they go for the chase). (I’m not quoting Jack A Daniels verbatim on this one so please forgive my memory if I left anything out but visit his website www.jackadaniels.com if you need more clarity.

Jack Daniels - Author of several best seller books

Jack Daniels – Author of several best seller books

Lastly, what new projects do you have coming out? How can people get in contact with you?

I have a couple of new books coming out, 3 to be exact. I can’t give away the titles and another docu-series type of show in the works as well that I can’t talk about yet either. But soon, we will have to continue this interview.

Well here you have it; a complete interview with Jack A Daniels with the questions you been wanting the answers to. Ladies if you want to know how you too can find Black Love then you need to tune in tuesday nights on the FYI channel at 10:15 pm to check out the new show Black Love. Jack A Daniels has a lot of more secrets to finding your Mr Right.

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